Trailer is prepared for restoration by sandblasting the rust and old paint

Paint being sandblasted from roof and trusses of warehouse

A newly constructed concrete wall prepared by sandblasting for a smooth, clean surface

Painted brick is sandblasted for a natural, rustic look

Fire Hydrant After Blast

Geothermal Turbine Scale Removal After Blast
Redwood Deck After
Redwood Deck Before / After

Paint removed off Red Brick
Paint Removed from Red Brick

Concrete and Cinder Block Before Fire Damage CleanupConcrete and Cinderblock After Firedamage Cleaning
Concrete and Cinder Block structure Fire damage cleanup Before / After

Concrete Drive Before Red Paint RemovalConcrete Drive After Red Paint Removal
Concrete driveway , Concrete was painted with Red Latex paint, Paint was blasted off Before / After

Concrete Shop floor BeforeConcrete Auto Shop floor After
Concrete Auto Repair Shop Floor, Very oily stained surface Before / After

Concrete Water Fountain with Bad Stains.Concrete Fountain After Blast
Concrete Fountain with bad water stains Before / After

Redwood siding on home Before-After
Redwood Siding on home blasted to bring color back out of blackened aged wood.

Chome removal off rims After / Before
Chrome Wheels Chrome removal, After / Before

Tank truck blasted before paintingAfter Paint Job
Tanker truck and its bed Sand blasted and then painted, Right image shows truck after new paint job.

Plate Steel Cave before blastingSteel Plate Wine Cave During Blasting
Plate Steel wine cave Mill Scale removal Before / After.  Small section in upper right corner of After image is not blasted.

Paint removal off concrete BeforeConcrete After Paint Removal
Paint removed from concrete to create traction Before / After

White paint removal off warehouse wood Lid / Rafters / Truss's
White paint removed from wooden warehouse ceiling.

Granite Before and After blast
Granite sample, Before and After blasting. Blasted granite was used on entryway / Staircase to provide traction.

Paint removed off concrete wall
Tan paint removed off concrete wall.

Sidewalk blasted
Blasted Concrete sidewalk, Center and bottom center tile are blasted, Surrounding pieces are un-blasted

Fire Damaged Hotrod BeforeFire Damaged HotRod After
Fire Damaged HotRod Before and After Blasting.